Common Questions

What scientific programs do you offer for children?

We offer a wide variety of scientific programs including: After-School Programs, Camps, In-Class Workshops, Celebrations & Parties, Special Events and Awareness Campaigns. Each of these programs can be administered with a corresponding Theme, including: Science, Environment, Technology & Engineering, Robotics, and Health & Nutrition.

What ages are your programs appropriate for?

We offer programs tailored specifically to children from ages 3 to 16.

What will my child learn through your programs and camps?

The specific curriculum depends on both the type of Nutty Scientists Program they enroll in and the Theme of that particular program. However, our goal with every program is to change the way children perceive science and scientific concepts. Nutty Scientists® methodology is all about a hands-on approach, encouraging participation and engaging children as they’re being educated. Not only do children develop a love for science, they develop critical self-esteem at a young age.

Are you affiliated with my child’s school?

We are not affiliated with any schools or school systems, however, our in-class programs have been approved by the host school. And all of our curriculum is designed to be complementary to the scientific concepts your child is already learning in school.