IMG_3533Kevin Schlosser

aka Professor “K” Potassium



Nutty Scientists of Southeast Michigan is led by our Lead Nutty Scientist Kevin Schlosser (“Professor Potassium” or “Professor K” for short).  Kevin has a Masters D0228151339egree in Organic Chemistry from University of Virginia and 14 years of experience as a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry.  During that time, he worked with area schools conducting science demos for local students.  Those experiences motivated Kevin to start Nutty Scientists here in Michigan in order to inspire the next generation by making science and learning fun and exciting.

Ana Samaniego

aka Professor Pollen

Program Director


Professor Pollen studied Environmental Science at Eastern Michigan University. She spent a short time working in ecological restoration protecting native wildlife and aims to teach the importance of maintaining Michigan’s wildlife in many of her lessons. Spreading the joys our planet has to offer us and introducing concepts of sustainability with the younger generation is one of her main goals. She likes to teach outdoors as often as possible! She loves animals, gardening, beekeeping, and chasing chickens.


Cora Wallen

aka Professor Photosynthesis

Curriculum Specialist


Professor Photosynthesis adds magic (and science) to every day in the Birmingham camps. She is currently studying Visual Arts Education for Elementary and Secondary. As a future art educator she loves sharing how art and science are related within STEAM and the creativity involved in scientific learning and experiments. Her favorite science subjects are geology and biology (especial marine biology). From writing curriculum to teaching fun lessons in the classroom Professor “Photo” is a wonderful asset to our team!


Camp Instructors

 Professor Sputnik

aka Erin

Professor Chroma

aka Madison

Professor Janae

aka Makaela

Professor Aqua

aka Andy



Professor Newt

aka Holly



Professor Paz

aka Ivy


Professor Fossil

aka Luke


Professor Chrysalis

aka Maggie

Professor Fly

aka Nina


Our “Nutty” Scientists are seriously qualified.

At Nutty Scientists® Southeast Michigan we take great care in selecting our program instructors (who play the part of our Nutty Scientists). These instructors have all completed an intense training program that walked them through each and every detail of our methodology and scientific programs.

Safety first, fun second.

We may be known for our wacky presentations, but we can assure you that the perceived chaos is 100 percent controlled. Our instructors are trained to orchestrate detailed experiments as integral parts of their presentation. What’s more, they know how to work with children, keeping their safety at the forefront.

We never overlook the responsibility that goes along with bringing our instructors into schools and other community meeting areas. From set up to clean up, our instructors are cognizant of every detail.

The only thing you and your kids need to think about is how amazing it is to be entertained and educated at the same time!IMG_3533