STEM through Literature Kits

This interactive STEM & Literature program is designed to get students reading, to bolster their imaginations through innovation and creativity, and to explore the wonders of STEM both virtually and in person. Excite your students about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by using literature and actively involving them in hands-on activities!

  • Designed to be used in the classroom or as take-home STEM kits
  • Supplies teachers and students with all the materials, student instructions, and lesson plans needed for an exciting, interactive, hands-on experience
  • Provided 12,000+ STEM Through Literature kits to local schools since 2021
  • Can be used in either a remote or face-to-face learning environment

Research shows that the integration of literacy and science to be a key strategy for improving elementary literacy and science achievement as well as increasing the amount of science instructional time and student engagement.

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We offer lower elementary and upper elementary kits:

Click on the “Feel the Wind” book icon for an example lesson from the lower elementary STEM through Literature Kit





Click on the “Those Darn Squirrels” book icon for an example lesson from the upper elementary STEM through Literature Kit

Some feedback from teachers in Wayne County, Michigan:

  • “Having a pre-packaged hands-on activity during a year which those were mostly not possible was tremendously popular with my kids. They really enjoyed the book, videos and the opportunity to design and test their own bridges. Thank you so much for putting this together!”
  • “My third graders loved building and retweaking their cars for better movement. They loved the book Balloons Over Broadway and cheered when I gave them their own hard covered copy! Let me tell you, it was a big deal. While teaching the lesson, I also focused on having a growth mindset. We connected it to Fredrick Douglas’ quote: Without struggle, there is no progress. They loved it so much they began to use legos and other materials to make it work even better.”
  • “This book offered such rich and relaxed conversations on diversity, experiments, and environmental changes. We loved the reading, and the STEM activities were a great way to keep the kids engaged and motivated to learn more.”

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