• Camps run from 9am-3pm each day
  • Camp Fee = $215

Nutty Investigators STEAM Camp – June 27th-July 1st (ages 6-10)

Come join the Nutty Scientists and become “Nutty Investigators”!  Each day we will investigate a crime mystery using science concepts to solve the case. In addition, the Nutty Investigators will get to enhance their artistic scientific sense by creating their own themed Scienceful Art Projects!  A week full of fun, games, science, and NUTTYNESS!

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Fairytale STEAM Camp – July 25th-29th (ages 6-10)

Join the NUTTY SCIENTISTS to enter the pages of famous fairy tales to overcome amazing obstacles by using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! Art, theater, science, and a lot of inspiration to spark camper’s imaginations. Campers take a journey into various fairytales that they may save Humpty Dumpty from falling, design bridges to withstand the trolls, find reflection in the magic mirror, and build towers and so much more.  Campers bring lunch, snack and beverage.

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Nutty Scientists STEAM Camp – August 1st-5th (ages 9-12)

Experience the Wonders of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) with the Nutty Scientists!  Design and build Powerful Rockets and Wacky Towers; Experience Explosive Chemical Reactions; Team up to tackle Exciting Scientific Challenges; and much much more!  Students will get the opportunity to think and explore like real scientists!  Throughout the camp, students will keep a scientific journal recording all of their experiments and observations, design experiments to answer questions and solve scientific challenges.  Students won’t just learn about science, they will EXPERIENCE it!

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Wow, I am Starting Kindergarten Next Year NUTTY SCIENTISTS Camp – August 15th-19th

This camp is specially tailored for our young aspiring scientists who are getting ready to enter kindergarten.   In addition to our Nutty Fun we focus on what they need to know about science by providing lessons involving “Natural Sciences” [animals, plants, weather, space, earth science] the “Physical Sciences” [magnets, float and sink, etc.] and even “Health and Safety” [teeth, body parts, nutrition and food groups, five senses, fire safety, etc.].  Campers bring snack and beverage.

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