You don’t have to be a scientist to own a science franchise.

When you decided to search for a franchise opportunity, a science franchise may have not been the first thing on your mind. However, the Nutty Scientists franchise opportunity offers a variety of benefits that make an investment in your business a good investment for your future. Learn about the many advantages of owning a Nutty Scientists science franchise below!


Work/Life Balance

As a primarily home-based franchise opportunity, your Nutty Scientists business will give you complete control over your schedule, leaving you more time to spend with your loved ones. You also have the option to invest in a physical Nutty Scientists Lab, but this is not required.


Quick Start

Thanks to the Nutty Scientists’ work-from-home franchise model, you are able to skip the difficult and expensive step of leasing a space. This lowers your investment costs and enables you to get your business up and running more quickly.


Make Science Fun

Was science your favorite subject in school? Help children discover the world of STEM education by turning complicated concepts into fun activities that will keep kids engaged and deepen their understanding.


Global Franchise

As an international franchise, the Nutty Scientists brand is recognized all over the world. Not only could you benefit from this brand recognition, but you can also rely on an extensive network of fellow franchisees.


Hands-On Support

When you begin working with the Nutty Scientists franchise, you will have 5 days of training at our corporate office followed by 5 days of training in your location. We’ll even help you jumpstart your first Nutty Scientists event!


Join the Nutty Scientists Franchise

Does our science franchise sound like the right opportunity for you? Learn more about the perks of franchising with the best science franchise on the market.