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  1. 5 tips to prevent the coronavirus

    Although the virus is new and unknown, various health authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) offer a series of suggestions to prevent contracting COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, as well as information to act responsibly regarding the virus. Here Read more
  2. 5 Women Who Made History in the Sciences

    Throughout history many women have contributed to the evolution of the sciences, brilliant women whose discoveries and advances have made their mark over the years. In honor of this, we celebrate the International Day for Women and Girls in Science on February Read more
  3. King Tut

    7 Things You Didn’t Know about King Tut and Archeology

    Archeology is one of the most exciting scientific fields because archaeologists are responsible for reconstructing the history of ancient civilizations to help us understand important events in the history of humanity. One of the most important and amazing events of archaeology was Read more
  4. 10 Strange Things about Astronauts and Space

    Astronauts… Those people capable of enclosing themselves into tiny spaces and then being thrown thousands and thousands of miles from their home into outer space. Have you ever dreamed of this? If so, you should practice walking underwater and showering without a Read more
  5. ozone layer

    5 Ways to Protect the Ozone Layer

    Ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms and it is present in a gaseous form in the atmosphere, specifically located in and extended throughout the stratosphere. Did you know that the ozone layer is essential for life to exist? Its Read more
  6. 7 Ways to Protect Little Ones from the Sun and 3 Mistakes to Avoid

    Everyone loves lying in the sun in the summer, but it is essential to protect ourselves as well. Why? Because the sun is a star that it is made up of atoms that collide with each other, which causes the sun to Read more
  7. Caring for the Ocean: 6 Tips How and More Reasons Why

    There are as many reasons as human beings to take care of the oceans, they are the lungs of the planet since most of the oxygen we breathe is produced through photosynthesis by marine organisms, phytoplankton, and plants: all of which come Read more
  8. 10 Tips for Sustainable Tourism

    One of the most recent Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN is to conserve biodiversity through sustainable forest management, combating desertification, and land degradation, as well as prevent the loss of biodiversity. So…
  9. Jules Verne

    5 reasons why we love Jules Verne and his books

    At Nutty Scientists, we love Jules Verne for his curious character, for his adventure books, his visionary ideas and his futuristic mechanisms that inspired and continue to inspire different generations. 1. We love Julio Verne’s curiosity which led him to discover and Read more
  10. The importance of having healthy habits and how to instill them in children

    Why is it so important for children to have healthy habits? Healthy habits help children grow up happy and healthy as well as contribute to preventing future health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer. For Read more