The Nutty Scientists kid’s education franchise opportunity is more than a business venture. It’s a chance to positively impact the lives of the children in your community and inspire them to explore the world of science. Our methods are designed to help kids understand complicated scientific phenomenons using simple language and exciting activities that make learning fun. 

The Nutty Scientists Techniques

Our award-winning and unique methodology incorporates various educational techniques that enable us to encourage understanding and retention. These methods include the TPR (Total Physical Response) Method, SDAIE (Specifically Designed Academic Instruction in English), and PQS (Plonsky Question System). When melded together, these proven methods help us create engaging experiments that teach children real scientific concepts. 

Help Children Improve in Science 

Science is a difficult subject for many students. The Telegraph has reported that nearly half of children think STEM subjects are too hard or boring, leaving many of these kids to struggle in these classes throughout their educational careers. Use hands-on experiments to help kids build their confidence and change their perception of STEM subjects so that they can excel. 

Encourage Kids to Pursue STEM

Many of us have early experiences that help shape our career paths. A Nutty Scientist event may be just that for the kids in your community! Use hands-on experiments to spark interest in the minds of children and show them how fun science can be. Who knows, some of these children may be the doctors, engineers, or chemists of the future!

Interested in Owning a Kid’s Education Franchise? 

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