The rhythm of cities, especially larger ones, has caused an increase in pollution gases emissions gases due to transport. But not only does sustainable mobility combat environmental issues like this one, but it also seeks economic and social well-being by promoting this type of transport.

Here are 5 ways to contribute to sustainable mobility:

  1. Walking more is not only sustainable, but it relieves stress, increases concentration, promotes healthy aging and much more
  2. The use of a bicycle is a healthy and sustainable way since it doesn’t pollute and it is very practical to move around the city center
  3. Public transport is another good option for those looking to reduce their own car usage. This medium also helps to prevent traffic and its pollution in large cities
  4. Train or rail transport is the most efficient, as it generates the least gas emissions per passenger
  5. Driving efficiently and economically reduces fuel consumption, therefore, not exceeding speed limits on the road or simply maintaining driving speed without stopping or accelerating are both good ways to consume less fuel

Due to increases in population, bikes have become vital tools for the present and future of mobility in the primary plan of sustainable mobility.

The use of this ecological and healthy means of transport offers many health advantages such as:

  • Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Minimize stress
  • Improves mood
  • Helps to improve motor skills
  • Improves respiratory and cardiac systems.

At Nutty Scientists, we have different environment workshops teaching children in a fun and interactive way about the importance of caring for the planet.