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  1. STEM Toys You Can Make at Home After One Trip to the Grocery Store

    You could buy your kids a meagerly stocked science kit, or you could create your own brainy toys at home using basic and affordable items from your local grocery store. The following STEM toys and experiments will keep your kids thinking for Read more
  2. Community Impact of The Woodlands features Nutty Scientists in their July issue!

    Nutty Scientists of Houston provide fun, educational science programs for children
  3. 11 ideas on stopping your child’s obsession with “screens” for good!

    We live in amazing times! I still remember when I first connected to AOL in the mid-90s, and what an out-of-this world experience it was. Computers, internet, cell phones, Skype, Facebook Live, Instagram – all of these things became such an integral Read more
  4. Dr. Suess and Oobleck

    We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by making Oobleck! Join Professor Proton and learn how to make this famous non-Newtonian fluid!
  5. The most EPIC VOLCANO we have ever created

    Last week we were recording some training videos for our instructors, and I decided to test a volcano we used many times in our science shows and birthday parties (hydrogen peroxide 30%, soap, and potassium iodide). But with a tweak… Instead of Read more
  6. Why do we pay so much money for our kids’ sports?

    I have a confession to make – I’m a very busy Mom! Ok, might not be much of a confession for those of you who know me 🙂 Apart from running Nutty Scientists of Houston, I am a Mom to two super Read more
  7. Alternatives to showering your child with birthday gifts

    I had an interesting conversation with another Mom recently. She mentioned how she dreaded birthday parties because her son gets dozens of presents from his friends, plays with them once, and then just leaves them laying around the house. So I shared Read more
  8. 6 Tips on Helping Your Kids Make New Year’s Goals and Have the Best 2017!

    As we are about to ring in the New Year, I wanted to share with you something I am doing with my older son this year – helping him set his own New Year’s goals. As some of you might know, my Read more
  9. Best Holiday Gifts for Your Little Scientist!

    It’s mid-December already. Can you believe it??? Where did the year go? And now that the Holiday Season is almost upon us, all of us parents are in a frenzy trying to find cool gifts for our kids! Let me help you! Read more
  10. Nutty Scientists is opening a location in The Woodlands

    We can’t wait to share the exciting news with you. As of next week Nutty Scientists of Houston will start hosing birthday parties and classes at its new location in The Woodlands. We are located at 8000 McBeth Way, Suite 160, The Read more