At Nutty Scientists of Houston we take great care in selecting our program instructors. For starters, every instructor goes through Texas Department of Family and Protective Services background check, as well as FBI fingerprinting check. Once cleared, all instructors complete our custom training program that walks them through each and every detail of our methodology and scientific programs.

Safety first, fun second.

We may be known for our wacky shows and nutty classes, but we can assure you that the perceived chaos is 100 percent controlled. Our scientists are trained to orchestrate detailed experiments as integral parts of their instructions. What’s more, they know how to work with children, keeping their safety at the forefront.

We never overlook the responsibility that goes along with bringing our instructors into schools and other community meeting areas. From set up to clean up, our instructors are cognizant of every detail.

The only thing you and your kids need to think about is how amazing it is to be entertained and educated at the same time!


Hi there! I’m Victoria Lioznyansky, the owner of Nutty Scientists of Houston, but most of your kids know me as Professor Proton… because I’m positive! 🙂

While I am a Nutty Scientist (and probably by far the nuttiest and goofiest of all our instructors), my background is in IT. I have Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Master’s in Computer Science. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life, working in software development, real estate, and education industries.

I love kids, I love being around kids, I love mentoring kids, and I love teaching them. I have two children of my own, ages 11 and 7.

My mission as the owner of Nutty Scientists of Houston is to instill passion for science and for life-long learning in younger children. I want to build their enthusiasm, curiosity, and excitement about science as they continue their studies in Elementary School and enter Middle School.

I want to bring the most exciting programs to your kids and expose them to many areas of science be it chemistry, physics, astronomy, paleontology, biology, anatomy, entomology and so on! I want them to see and experience the world around them in a new way.

Thank you so much for sharing your kids with us and letting us be a part of their lives!